External Rendering

We apply a variety of external finishes ranging from your everyday sand and cement flat render or pebble dash to more modern colour-through silicone or lime based renders. We can also install thermal insulated systems externally to upgrade the u-values in your home.

At Absolutely Plastered we offer a wide range of rendering products and capabilities in and around the Croydon and South London areas. We are approved installers of eco-friendly renders, coloured renders and thin coat systems. Only using reputable brands such as: K-Rend, K-Lime, Monocucche, Sto and ... as we know by experience these are tried and tested products. The brands we have touched base on above, are also compatibile with wall insulation systems.

Modern Renders

Many renders these days are pre coloured, which for maintenance reasons alone is very appealing not to mention project speed. With traditional sand and cement finishes the render should be left to cure for a period of 28 days prior to decoration. This means more cost for scaffolding and delayed progress for the completion of the project. With colour through renders the project is completed in one method saving time, money and future maintenance. There are various textures and finishes to choose from with the modern day renders, whether you use a thin or thick coat system. With the majority of the modern renders being lime or silicone based, this gives a lot more flexibility for the render, which reduces cracking. Another plus side of using a lime based product is it also helps the substrate breathe, which helps reduce damp and further damage to the property.

External insulated Systems…

There has never been a better time to upgrade the u-values of your home with the constant rising costs of utilities... Improve the u-values of your home this reducing energy bills and adding value. With combining the external insulated systems with any one of our colour through renders, you can make your home more ECO friendly with this modern technology.