Measure Guide

Pricing made simple

The majority of the work we carry out is priced at a square meter rate, this makes it easier for us to quote a contract from a drawing, by email or over the phone as we can calculate the material needed this way. All we need is the site address, total number of square meters, and the product/application in which you require. We may ask for drawings and/or photographs to assist with the quotation.

The size of a wall is calculated by measuring the width by the height. This includes the baseboards as well as moldings found near the top of the wall.

The size of a floor or ceiling is calculated by measuring the width by the length.

All of the surface sizes less than 500mm should be calculated as 1000mm.

All of the ‘empty’ surfaces, such as windows or doors, with a surface of less than 4 sq. mt. are calculated as plastered walls and
therefore, should be measured in full.

Columns are calculated by measuring their actual surface area and multiplying by 1.5.

The size of ceilings should be multiplied by 1.2.